Simple envelopes with cellophane box



Our company specializes in the envelope on technology companies modern offset and making all kinds of envelopes, envelopes sleek cheaply in Hanoi.
– Get cheap envelope printing with the 12 × 22 size, 16 × 23, 25 × 34, also known as A4 envelope. Material offset paper weighing from 100-200 grams.
– Or the type of envelopes, envelopes containing invitations, wedding cards have squares, rectangles Fine art paper with color and thickness options requested by customers.
– Get a new envelope design or drawing from the available designs of the company. And advise customers to be able to print envelopes cheapest with quality guarantee. In addition, cheap printing company in Hanoi also receive custom-made envelopes in small quantities to suit the needs of each business use.

– With a team of high quality technicians, we always pay attention to the design idea creative envelope with each customer. Based on software design professional cards like: Corel, Photoshop, Indesign, Ai …

In particular, the envelope can be made from high-grade materials such as paper: Paper lotus, conqueror paper, kraft paper ,. … And the customer can customize the style, any size for their products. (A3, A4, A5)

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