Funny business cards



In the corporate world, acts as a business card and the resume of a person. Your business card given to someone means you want to let them know who you are, where you are working and how they can contact you. When we started doing business work, the design and print business cards is one of the first things you need to do. A business card sophisticated design will create a good impression on you with communication / your partner.

Ordinary business card size 9 × 5,5cm or 9x5cm, with name, occupation, job title, contact information, used for the transaction.

Business cards are now often handled Coucher printed 2-sided translucent membrane. But there are also cases of using paper or fine art paper Offset (the paper textured, patterned or special dye). Usually printed paper business cards with thickness from 220gsm to 300 gsm. After printing, the 4 corners rounded card to increase the aesthetics and avoid using curly edges.

For business cards printed products, we are happy to serve a quantity of 01 boxes. (100 pcs)

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