5 unique fold Brochure



Our company specializes in brochure printing cheap. In terms of size, an advertising brochure normally we presented in A4 size (21X29.7) cm are printed on glossy paper and thick to create a first impression of quality to viewers.

Brochure also be designed in many different forms, but the most commonly used form of Bi-fold Brochure and Tri-fold format (double and triple). This is a form of advertising publications contain information and include a general introduction to certain products, on the facts, the famous tourist destination, the image … that the designer wants to convey to Brochures who is considered their target customers. Vietnam brochure called a chemical is handbill.

With us you will be advised to choose for themselves the most optimal solution for all the needs of the Brochure – from outlining ideas to more detailed information content, staging layout graphics layout ; oriented design and the best fit for Brochure printing is pretty adept with the lowest investment costs.

Especially with providing full service from design to print Profile Brochure, Brochure Printing – Offset. Our company can provide customers with professional publications Brochure with the highest quality, cheap catalog printing with maximum cost savings, and the fastest execution time with professional service style and most thoughtful.

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